Make @Twitter break ties with Curious Cat

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Curious Cat has been mass used as a tool to disgustingly harass people over the past year.

Anons send horrifyingly disgusting messages and nothing is being done about it. Some go as far as sexually harassing and doxxing victims, sending private information to random people on their Curious Cat accounts. They racially abuse people, mock the deceased, wish cancer upon innocent people.

Curious Cat DOES NOT respect their own terms and conditions.

They state: 

"Harassment or witch hunting is absolutely prohibited and will result in the removal of your account.
Any content wich violates copyright laws will be deleted
Accounts which promote hate, violence, and/or hateful movements are not permitted and will be deleted"

But they NEVER take any action. Their block feature doesn't even work. You can block and flag an anon as many times as you want, but it won't do anything. The same anons don't have their accounts deleted, or they just make new ones.

The app enables those disgusting harassers to abuse people as much as they want. 

The constant abuse has made several people go as far as to alerting the authorities. But most of these Curious Cat abuse cases involve people from different countries which limits the police's potential actions. 

Many people have had to completely leave Twitter because of the Curious Cat abuse. It is directly associated with Twitter because Curious Cat is a third party application that links your accounts and displays the Curious Cat posts on Twitter. 

Twitter However does NOT allow such abuse to take place on their platform. It may take time, but they do reprimand abusive users. They shadowban them, suspend them, lock their accounts, make them delete the abusive tweets... They don't allow them to be explicitly disgusting and make people's lives an absolute hell. But Curious Cat does and therefore directly violates Twitter's own terms and conditions. 

This is why we should work to make Twitter break ties with Curious Cat. If they stop allowing Curious Cat posts to be displayed on their platform then it's highly likely that Twitter users won't have as much interest in it anymore. It would make it a lot harder for harassers to make more victims. 

Please sign the petition to make Twitter a safer place! �

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