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Unban Delizious

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Hey guys,

I'm Delizious and for the last four years I have been a regular streamer on Twitch. I stream a variety of games and I stream for nine hours a day from Monday to Friday. Within my Twitch career I tend to attract an average of 30 to 40 viewers, and this means I have had the privilege to build a community around my stream - of all those who come to my stream, some of whom have become fans, many of whom have become friends. Suffice to say, it has been an absolute pleasure to welcome these people into my life and to in turn support them on their own Twitch journey as they have with me.

As of the 22nd Of June, all this has been jeopardised as my twitch account was indefinitely suspended due to a TOS violation, which was caused by an oversight on my part when a new overlay I had been working on contained what I now know to be an inappropriate image. Upon contact with Twitch admins this mistake has been corrected and in accordance to their feedback my new overlay is now within the Twitch Terms Of Service.

However, my account is still suspended, and I have been met with a mixed response from Twitch staff who have told me it is possible for me to be unbanned yet do not say how or when; who have told me to submit a formal support ticket through Twitch customer services who then responded but did not grant me support ticket ID so both parties are unable to track progress on my situation, essentially rendering myself in limbo.

I have every confidence that I can be unbanned, and I am hoping that, by forming a petition and gaining as many signatures as I can get, we can use this as a show of support in order to expedite the process and resume streaming.

Thank you for reading and please consider signing my petition - the more signatures I get, I believe the quicker we can get back to our regular schedule.

- Delizious

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