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Why this petition matters

We the residents of Thornwood face an unacceptable level of danger every time we endeavour to go about our daily lives, and travel to and from work. Every day we have to contend with inappropriate speed limits, inadequate and poorly maintained public footways, and a lack of designated safer crossings. 

IT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE the B1393 has 5 different speed limits from M11 Junction 7 into Epping High Street (3.6miles) and a constant speed limit of 40mph from Epping into Woodford (8.6 miles).

IT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE that residents of Thornwood have to run across the B1393 to catch a bus, because vehicles are travelling 50 MPH.

IT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE that there are no dedicated safe crossing points across Thornwood Village High Street.

IT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE there is insufficient off-street parking on Woodside forcing residents to park illegally on verges and pavements and causing further traffic hazards.

IT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE that vulnerable residents living with disabilities in Thornwood are forced to be less independent and must rely on carers, family, friends or neighbours to drive them into Epping High Street because paving is narrow with an uneven surface making it impossible to use.

It’s time to be heard by those we elect and for them to represent us at Essex County Council - who has overall responsibility for Highways; Epping Forest District Council - who decide on planning applications;  and The City of London as they own much of the land adjoining the roads in Thornwood and some of the possible road improvements would therefore depend on them.

Please sign this Petition and let’s work together to Make Thornwood Safe.


288 have signed. Let’s get to 500!