Stop harassing US citizens/legal immigrants "DO YOU HAVE A GREEN CARD?"

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James Chou
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or threatening with "DEPORTATION" because of their color or accent.

Click the video and red links for related documents and the exact questions asked by Hallmark's lawyer and recorded by Court reporter.

Race and immigration have always been major issues in this country. As a lucky legal immigrant from Taiwan in 1982 and later becoming a US citizen in 1989, I have a decent business, and live happily in an ocean front house with my wife and 86-year-old mom, and my granddaughter is 2 years old now. All the people in my town are so nice and friendly to us, and I told everybody that although I could not choose to be born here, I choose to die here.

My company is a publisher and distributor of greeting cards, and my invented sound card are 6 time winners of the Louie Award,  the most prestigious award in the industry, and sold in more than 15,000 stores one time. Comparing to Hallmark, I am a gnat, but we have been competing against each other in the market for the past 30 years.  In 2017, my company became tangled in a civil case with Hallmark. In a 6-hour video recorded deposition in the presence of two court reporters and three lawyers after I rejected their offer for settlement, I was repeatedly grilled questions such as “DO YOU HAVE A GREEN CARD?” and threatened with "DEPORTATION".  As a US citizen for 30 years, I do not mind that some people still call me “Chink” and ask me to “go back to China” without knowing the difference between China and Taiwan; I have also heard that many criminals target immigrants to rob and rape, and their lawyers helped them get away easily by attacking the victims’ immigration status, but I was extremely surprised and upset when it was directed by a company named "Hallmark" with more than 20,000 employees and a law firm named “Fox Rothschild” with 800 lawyers.  As one of the luckiest immigrants and US citizens, I have owed so much to this country and its people, and how can I keep silent?

Why did Hallmark have to ask my immigration status in a civil dispute with a company/person which they have known for 30 years?

Big companies can bully small competitors and copy their ideas, but legally are they allowed to enter their competitors' facility by false pretense and take pictures and video?

This nation has already been divided by issues such as immigration and border walls, and we will not have easy answers shortly, but can we at least agree that ALL THE US CITIZENS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS SHOULD BE TREATED EQUALLY REGARDLESS OF THEIR COLOR OR ACCENT?

Part of  the comments from can be download from this link. For more details of the case, please follow our page on Facebook or check Hall vs Chou

LET'S WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS COUNTRY A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL by asking Congress to pass a law that questions about immigration status should be banned in a civil case.



My son is the founder of "transparentcity".  He was born here and lives at upper west side next to Hudson River with his lovely wife and daughter. I hope that they will not have to face the same problems as I had with Hallmark.