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Petitioning Citizens for Open/Concealed Carry. Federal Government and 6 others

Make this a truely free democracy/republic.

1.)Make Licenes to Carry Firearms accepted by ALL states as well as D.C. and allow employees and college students everywhere in this country to responsibly concealed carry if they choose to with out any restrictions except to be properly trained and maintain a standard of proficency. Criminals have no regard for the law. When someone from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan,or Tennessee travels to Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois, or New York they are just as susceptible to being mugged or murdered as someone living in any of those states. If a law abiding, responsible citizen is traveling via vehicle from state to state for any reason, visiting family or even business matters they should be allowed to carry for their protection, on their own induvidual terms.

2.)People should be allowed to defend themselves on the job/in class in a violent situation by all means necessary. If this was allowed, criminals wouldn't have an edge on the average citizen (potential victim). On top of this, people (non-criminals) would have a greater unilateral respect for one-another and would be more prone to not escalate matters to fisticuffs or worse.

3.) The Castle Doctrine states that in a situation where your life or someone else's life is at stake, you have full legal right to defend yourself or defend an innocent person being victimized.

4.) When you apply for a License to Carry A Firearm (and be granted it), you should automatically be given a membership form (to be filled out and submitted) for the United States Concealed Carry Association and be enrolled in a Lethal Weapons Training Course/Self Defense Classes. You already pay taxes for local, state and federal government; why is this sort of thing not included with a L.T.C.F.? Aren't we paying for the Public Safety that we are all "entitled to." After all isn't it reasonable to be trained and knowledgeable in/about things you participate in and support? If people understood why it is important to be prepared and equipped to protect yourself in any situation, there wouldnt be a divided population (opinion/belief based) when it comes to political/social standards. There is already enough things we don't allow ourselves to agree on; why can't we find a common ground in self defense/protection when this is the all-time worst economic crisis in the history of our planet as well as the most violent times in the history of our planet?



I'm not saying the government needs to run the U.S.C.C.A. I'm just saying it needs to be manditory for everyone who concealed carrys, and it should be paid for out of the taxes you pay for the security and safety of this nation, for in turn you will be first hand providing security and safety to where ever you are. This is one of the biggest expenses we pay for in this country and its time we bring a justified unification to it. We can have all the private-governmental based agencys we can think of, and they're going to keep perdinant information from us when we need to be aware of things. You shouldn't be able to take up a spot in training courses if you aren't "legally" allowed to own a firearm, only to keep spots open to those who need to be trained or to maintain their proficency. This shouldn't be a difficult thing to decide on, we're all being left outside on this issue. There is no way of making this issue go away until we're all in agreement on this type of solution. This does not state anywhere that anyone who dosen't want to participate in this freedom, has too. This is only going to be a requirement for those who desire to be prepared, not for everysingle person in this country unless each one personally desires too.


Thomas Jefferson stated "To maintain a fair and justified government  there should be a Revolution every 25 years." - We're 211 years over due, eventhough there was a Civil War. (In this Civil War slaves were freed, this should have been done to begin with, with the drafting of the Decleration of Indipendance and the U.S. Constitution) There are a few different wordings of his quote, because he had to reword it to satisfy the likings of his peers, however the gist of it remained the same.


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