"Make the Work Week 5 days, Our families need us"

"Make the Work Week 5 days, Our families need us"

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Why this petition matters

Started by Faizan Malik

Working 6 days a week is taking a toll on our Work-Family life balance.

Having Just 1 day a week off is not enough to take care of matters at home and we don't get enough time to spend with our families. Running errands is a big issue as well, as most places are closed on Sundays.

As the world is moving towards a 4 day work week (3 day weekend), and with places like Dubai already moved to 4.5 day work week, we should at least be in par with most places in the world and have Saturdays and Sundays off as well.

Spending quality time with the family is very important to maintain a healthy balance in life. With mental health issues on the rise everywhere especially in Kashmir, it is paramount that a work environment is created as such to help alleviate the stresses of life, and spending more time with family and friends is one way to do it.

There is irrefutable evidence with documented research showing that 4 day work week is better than 5 day work week, and no such research is available on 5 day work week verses 6 day work week, as almost no one in the world works 6 days a week, hence the lack of research on this.

Research clearly shows Productivity does not increase with more time spent in the office, on the contrary productivity decrease after an optimal number of hours spent in the office, and that is the basis of the research for making the case to reduce the work week from 5 days to 4 days.

We therefore request the Honorable LG and our Honorable Mayor to Kindly address this issue and take the necessary steps to make this a reality and help make our Work-Family life balance more equitable, and in par with the rest of the world and make the work week 5 days instead of 6.

12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!