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Make Fairport take ownership and responsibility for sewer laterals within right-of-ways.

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As of today, Village of Fairport homeowners are responsible for maintaining sanitary sewer laterals from their property to the sewer main regardless of the location of the right-of-way.  This means that if you have a broken sewer lateral that needs replacement in the right-of-way, essentially the road and sidewalk, the homeowner is responsible for all costs associated with this repair.  The homeowner has to pay to for all necessary equipment  (including a new sewer lateral and all necessary parts), excavation and removal of the road and debris from the site, installation of the sewer lateral, delivery and backfill of the site with new stone, and patching and repair of the road. Repairs for full replacement of the sewer lateral cost the homeowner thousands of dollars and costs rise depending on factors such as depth of lateral sewer under the right-of-way.

The Village of Fairport currently maintains only the sanitary and storm sewer mains.  Last year the Village Board discussed the Village taking ownership of sewer laterals in the right-of-way.  According to a Village of Fairport Sewer Lateral Analysis dated October 21, 2015, if the Village took ownership of the sewer laterals this "would ensure all repairs and restoration are completed to the satisfaction of the Village." However the Village Board declined to assume ownership of the sewer laterals, although at least one known Board Member, Tim Slisz, voiced the opinion that the Village should maintain the lateral pipes up to the homeowner's lot line.  This petition is to have the Board of the Village of Fairport reconsider and assume ownership of sanitary sewer laterals to the sewer main within the right-of-ways.

As a homeowner in the Village of Fairport I am now faced with replacing the sewer lateral from the sidewalk to the main. I replaced the sewer lateral from the house to the sidewalk two years ago.  The sewer lateral has now broken off from the main in the middle of the street resulting in loss of full sewer use at this time.  The cost to replace the lateral from the sidewalk to the main is estimated to be $11,500.00. 

I have contacted Fairport Mayor Frederick May, Fairport Village Board Member Tim Slisz, New York State Assemblyman Mark Johns and County Legislator Sean Delehanty, and Fairport Superintendent of Public Works Paul Feeley. I met personally with Mr. Feeley who assured me that the DPW would supervise all work but would provide no other assistance in any form including use of DPW equipment for excavation. I spoke with Legislator Sean Delehanty who agreed that the current Village Code is a hardship for many homeowners and would try to follow up with Mayor May regarding this issue. I have communicated with Village Board Member Tim Slisz who has agreed to let the others on the Village Board know my concerns and has agreed to be a contact person for updates to this petition.

If you care about maintaining a reasonable standard of living in the Village of Fairport, please sign this petition.  If you care about your neighbors who may find it a hardship to pay for necessary repairs to lateral sewer lines, please sign this petition.  If you care about your property value going down or not being able to sell your home because of aging infrastructure and possible high costs for property maintenance, please sign this petition.  If you are a resident in the Village of Fairport and if you want the Village to take responsibility and ownership of sanitary sewer laterals within the right-of-ways, please sign this petition.




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