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Make the Twelfth Doctor a Woman!

When I tell people about this idea, some of them gasp and ask 'how dare I'? I have always thought that the least important thing about Doctor Who was the naughty bits and pieces. I feel as though it would be very much beneficial to have the next doctor be a woman. The Doctor has expressed this desire before, and it seems to me that there is no logical reason to not do so. 

I believe that girls and women all around the world would be able to identify with the Doctor much more strongly if the Doctor were a woman- and fans identifying with a character is essential to a show. I believe that anyone who says the Doctor cannot be a woman is ascribing certain characteristics to either sex, and is not willing to acknowledge the fact that gender does not necessarily ascribe a certain set of personality characteristics.

This is not to say that Moffat or Davies were sexist or put woman down in any way- the show has struck me as quite progressive, with many gay and inter-racial couples being presented as the norm that they may not be in today's society. I also realize the amount of responsibility and efficacy that Alex Kingston and Karen Gillan have been given in the recent series. I wish only to say that I believe the role of the doctor could be filled by a woman, and in doing this the writing would be fresh and fantastic, and it would be a tremendous opportunity to give women around the globe the chance to identify with the doctor in the lead role. A woman doctor strikes me as a rather fair and forward thing to do. Why not just give it a try? I hope you consider this petition.

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  • Steven Moffat, BBC One, BBC America, Alex Kingston, Toby Haynes

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