Make The Punishment For Animal Cruelty More Severe

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Animal cruelty is on the rise in India, with more and more gruesome cases being reported every single day. Cats are burnt alive and dogs are beaten savagely for an act as innocent as seeking shelter. Under Section 428 of the IPC, the current punishment for the crime is up to 2 years of imprisonment, and/or a fine that usually ranges from 10 to 50 rupees. Despite there being jail-time, the perpetrators of these crimes get off by paying a measly sum. 

We must hear about the perpetrators of these heinous crimes being punished just like we do for other crimes. If the government doesn't raise the fine, there will be more crimes committed against animals because people will have nothing to fear.

These are the animals who protect our localities, and deserve the same in return. These animals have no voice. Give them yours.