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Make the Pokémon in the Nintendo Switch Version follow you around

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People which played the Pokémon Heart Gold or Soul Silver Version will know what I am talking about. For the others, here is a short explanation. The lead Pokémon in your party follows you around as a sort of companion.

It was a blast, travelling through Johto and Kanto along with Typhlosion (my favourite Pokémon) as a companion. For me personally, the whole game felt much more alive and immersive. I really felt connected to my team. Since then I hoped for every upcoming Pokémon Version to include this feature, but sadly it was not implented anymore. I would love to see my Pokémon follow me around once more. And I am sure many people feel the same.

So I request Game Freak to implement this feature in the upcoming Pokémon Version(s) for the Nintendo Switch. Cause the Nintendo Switch is capable, because of its good processing power, to provide additional models. And further it can provide prettier models and textures then any other Nintendo Console.

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