Make The Notting Hill Carnival Route Larger & Safer by opening more roads.

Make The Notting Hill Carnival Route Larger & Safer by opening more roads.

1 September 2022
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Matthew Phillip (Westminster Council)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Larissa Morrison

Monday at Notting Hill Carnival brought in millions of people and if you were there you would know it was amazing, but crowds were a bit too much.  

Due to many millions of attendees,  it was very cramped, people had asthma attacks, panic attacks, fainted or nearly got knocked down, fights broke out due to pushing or were stuck in one place and felt claustrophobic because they were just trying to get through the crowd to an open space. 

There also needs to be a suitable space and access points for people with physical and hidden disabilities. 

A long time ago the route used to be very open and much bigger, you could travel down multiple roads, freely and comfortably.

I would like to petition to get those roads open again, as I feel that it would let the carnival be more spaced out and not generate too many people in one spot which would allow more breathing space if we are to see that level of people again. 

It would be safer for the floats to pass through the main route, it may also be safer for any person trying to get to a sound system. 

I am hoping this will reach The councils and the Organisers of NHC, as they could help and have the power to do something about this. After witnessing and nearly being knocked over in the crowd/stampede.  We do not need another Hillsborough disaster, which ended tragically with 97 people losing their lives due to crushing from overcrowding. 

I do not want carnival to end or to be moved to Hyde park and it is something that Caribbean people have been celebrating since before I was born. We enjoy celebrating our culture. There is an important meaning and history behind Notting Hill Carnival. 

Please sign this petition so that they can consider/look at opening the roads again and make more space for safety of all people involved and attending carnival. 

Thank you. 

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Signatures: 24Next Goal: 25
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