Make the Nine network apologise for failing duty of care (Bryce and Melissa, MAFS)

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10,000 VOICES!

Thank you for 10,000 voices standing up against the nine network contributing to normalising domestic violence on our TV screens for entertainment.

I have read every single comment and story that has been shared on this petition, and am not only touched but also heartbroken by the emotional trauma that this season has brought up for many of you. To know that so many of you have become distressed and enraged over the scenes, behaviour and environments that MAFS has showcased, makes me all the more determined for Nine to acknowledge their mistakes. 

We have been talked about on DailyMail, Kidspot, Women’s Day, SoDramatic and Tash Spencer (previous participant) has been heavily vocal on this issue being the voice we need. 

We’re only just getting started - we are sick, tired, heartbroken and enraged and are determined to make a difference. 

Angela Rowell
8 months ago