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Make the media coverage on eating disorders trigger-free

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After suffering with an eating disorder, I decided to share my recovery story with the media to help to reduce the stigma and misunderstanding of the illness. Many of the journalists I have spoken to have been really understanding and sensitive about the topic and have written some great pieces.

However, after being interviewed by one journalist, I was asked to send full length pictures of around the time of my lowest weight. I explained that this was a mental illness and my physical wellness didn't necessarily reflect my mental wellbeing, but she replied saying she couldn't publish the article without these photos, because if she did, it wouldn't receive enough public interest.

These kinds of photos and other specific information, such as a person's lowest weight or what they ate in a day, can be very triggering for someone with an eating disorder and can turn the illness into a kind of 'competition' between sufferers. And surely it's better not to encourage the stereotype that you have to be underweight to have an eating disorder, but instead to focus on recovery and the happiness that it can bring.

So please sign my petition to #trouncethetrigger and fight for a regulation to stop the media from being allowed to ask for and publish triggering details or photos of an eating disorder sufferer.  




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