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Make the Georgetown School Board Great Again

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Especially in recent months, the Georgetown Exempted Village School Board has demonstrated a complete disregard for the voices of the community. This is nothing new. They fire successful, long-time girls' basketball coach Bernie Cropper, but they do not say why. They allow teachers to carry guns in the school, but they refuse to hear the community first. The Board serves us. We have the right to have our voices heard. We demand transparency. It's time to hold the Board accountable for its shortcomings; it's time to make our voices heard.

Ohio's Sunshine Laws state that Boards of Education must provide [1] openness, [2] notice of meetings and [3] accurate, detailed minutes from meetings*. This is to ensure transparency and community involvement. The Georgetown Board of Education has policies to achieve these goals**, but the community discontent shows how poorly they have been performing.

As such, we demand the Board make the following changes:

  1. Hold a public meeting to address all community questions regarding actions taken by the Board, such as [a] firing Cropper and [b] allowing teachers to carry guns.
  2. Make Board meetings accessible by [a] publishing upcoming meeting dates and agendas on various media platforms, and [b] providing contact information for Board Members.
  3. Encourage participation at meetings by [a] changing how minutes are written to reflect that participation is desired, [b] utilizing online contact forms or in-person submission boxes for GEVS issues to be considered by the Board, and [c] requesting community feedback on potential board discussions.
  4. Achieve and maintain transparency by [a] publishing accurate, detailed minutes of meetings, [b] open and thoroughly discussing reasons for rulings.

The Board's philosophy is to keep the public informed, maintain communication with the public, and urge the public to bring their aspirations and concerns to the Board***. It is clear the Board does not uphold this philosophy. The workers, alums, students, teachers and residents of Georgetown demand the Board change its ways. The Board cannot continue to operate in the dark. We want an open, transparent, community-based Board so that everyone can learn, grow and thrive.


*2017 Sunshine Laws Manual (p 97)

**Board Policy Number po0164

***Board Policy Number po0118


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