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Make the education of human trafficking compulsory within all schools in the UK

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We are a group of Year 11 students from Altrincham Grammar School for Girls currently completing our Unit 4 GCSE controlled assessment, in which we have been instructed to choose an issue we are passionate about and create a campaign in the aim of making a change surrounding this issue.

The issue we have chosen is 'Human Trafficking' and our campaigning title is 'A campaign to change society's views of human trafficking through change of legislation surrounding human trafficking'. By the end of the course, we intend to make the education of human trafficking and modern slavery compulsory within schools as we strongly believe that education is the key to crime prevention, and therefore if children are educated about the dangers of human trafficking and how to spot the signs then they should hopefully be more aware and alert; reducing their vulnerability and liability should they be put in a dangerous situation.

Over 1.2 million children are trafficked every year and, as I’m sure you would agree, this statistic is absolutely appalling. This is one of the reasons as to why we are so passionate about this issue and about reducing the vulnerability of future generations as much as possible. Human trafficking, as you are well aware, is an awful crime that not only devastates the lives of the victims; but also the family, friends and anyone else affected by them. It completely violates people’s human rights: traffickers snatch the very basic rights from the people that they exploit. They coerce girls to engage in slave trade, make people work as slaves and servants against their will, make girls commit acts for the purpose of making porn films, and cheat and mislead people in several other ways. The rights to education, wellbeing, to choose jobs are all swooped up from them. It is also a very prevalent issue in today’s society; almost 21 million people worldwide are victims of forced labour right now. However, within the UK there is a mainstream opinion that human trafficking doesn’t happen here- that the issue is something that only affects Eastern European countries, or LEDCs. But this simply isn’t true; in 2015, 3,266 people were identified as potential victims of trafficking in the UK; which is a 40% increase on 2014 figures.

As a result, we have decided that more needs to be done to educate people about human trafficking, particularly within the UK, and we hope you choose to support us in this by signing our petition and sharing it across other social media platforms in order to spread awareness of our campaign.

2 minutes of your day will be taken to sign this petition. A whole life will be taken from the next victim of human trafficking. The choice is yours.

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