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Make The Bulls Great Again

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The people of Chicago and Bulls fans all across the globe deserve a winning Bulls team. Jimmy Butler is in his prime RIGHT NOW, and he is wasting away in Chicago because we are in basketball Purgutory, anxiously awaiting our fate of a barely-maybe-almost .500 record and either a) 1st round playoff exit, or b) 14th pick in the draft. Sad!

Gar Foreman and John Paxson fired NBA Champion and former Coach of the Year, Tom Thibodaeu so they could hire Fred Hoiberg, whose career highlight is a trip to the Sweet Sixteen with Iowa State one time LOLOLOL... Hoiberg also used to play for the Bulls, and Gar used to coach at Iowa State with Tim Floyd (LOL), so that lets you know how they all roll.

Through a series of questionable draft picks, poor player development and at least one bad free agency acquisition in Rajon Rondo, this front office has assembled a team that is not "young and athletic," a betrayal of the narrative Gar and Pax peddled a day after trading Derrick Rose. As a result, the Bulls bench is terrible and the best thing I can say about our point guard play is at least we're not going after Nate Robinson (damn I kinda wish we would tho smh). 

We haven't won anything in a long time, and we are going to make the Bulls great again!!!


We need to clean house! We are letting Mr. Reinsdorf know that our resistance will not rest until this regime is toppled:

  • Fire Gar Foreman
  • Fire John Paxson
  • Fire Fred Hoiberg
  • Trade all players except Butler and Wade
  • Bring back the REAL Benny the Bull
  • Sell the team to President Obama


1) Stop Buying Bulls Merch

We the People need to stand together. Anything that has a Bulls logo or player on it, leave it. Tell the kids that the Bulls and NBA are leaving Adidas next year, and next year's Nike gear will be better anyway!

2) Stop Going to Bulls Games

If you get the chance to go to a game, don't! If you're a season ticket holder, we're working on a Kickstarter to buy back your tickets from you - please be patient and stay strong in the meantime. If you're on the waitlist for season tickets, call the ticket office today and let them know you won't pay until they drain the swamp!

3) Spread the Word

Please share this petition (! Watch the games at a bar rather than at home, to minimize TV ratings. Call your local sports talk shows and demand justice. Make signs and protest outside the United Center. Knock on your neighbors' doors and recruit them to join our movement to make the Bulls great again! #MTBGA

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