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Make sure this man does NOT own another animal

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Oatis is a convicted felon and known gang member who already was NOT allowed to own an animal but STILL had a 6 month old puppy! And what did he do? Did he try to change his ways and life around... NO! He decided to punch the little puppy, in the face and leave the puppy in it's own urine and feces. Why did he punch this puppy? Simply because he was barking? Maybe Oatis should have done his research on puppies before going ahead and getting one since .... get this? PUPPIES BARK!
Oatis clearly isn't trying to change even though this is his second chance, if not more in a community. He clearly wasn't allowed to own an animal but still went ahead and did. Did he get this animal just for his own sick pleasure? Who knows?! But this "man" deserves jail time and have someone keep a closer eye on his since he already slipped through the cracks and was able to get a puppy.
Let's make people aware of this man so he does not own another animal and even serve jail time so he can sit and really think about what he is doing to his life and defenseless animals lives as well.

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