Make sure this man does NOT own another animal

How did a man that already had a record of animal abuse get a puppy? Where is the Animal Abuse Registry that is suppose to be implemented. We need to push for this. We need to also push to make sure any Pet Shop, Puppy Mill, Animal Shelter or any other place that sells or adopts out animals are required to check the registry to make sure the person has not been convicted of animal abuse before. Actually, I would like to see public hangings of animal abusers. I know that may be going to far but I want to see something drastic being done to protect animals. I have written many letters to the White House Senators and Congressmen to implement strict laws and convict besides putting a Animal Abuse Registry together and implement it strictly. We need to stop these sick people and get them out of society one way or the other. I hate sick twisted people that will injure an innocent animal. They can't talk for themselves. Only we can scream out and talk for them. I have communicated so many times to the White House also that the on-line Animal Abuse Registry may help police authorities as well. Research shows that Serial Killers have one thing in common, they start out torturing animals at a young age and move on to people when they get bored with animals. Maybe it could give Authorities a starting point when a Serial Killer hits since it is so hard to catch them. Bottom line anyone that could abuse an animal is sick and has no morals and no concept of right and wrong. They are a threat to society.

Susan Pateracki, COVINA, CA, United States
9 years ago
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