Make spitting a penal offence

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Spit Kills. KMC: Act Now

The Corona Virus pandemic has once again focused attention on the spread of communicable diseases through public spitting. Many countries have taken serious measures to ban it or penalize the act of spitting. It is high time that the Kolkata Municipal Corporation took active measures to make people aware of the health menace that spitting poses and made spitting a penal offence. The poster from a 1918 Philadelphia anti spitting campaign tells it all

The KMC could seek its powers under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 and prescribe regulations to address a dangerous spitting menace. This would ensure that the citizens are protected from not just from the current pandemic but other diseases that are spread through saliva that include TB, hepatitis, viral meningitis, cytomegalovirus and such other diseases that may turn fatal.

We the citizens of Kolkata believe that the corporation should undertake anti-spitting campaign as a top priority and work towards changing this age old habit of spitters. We urge the Mayor to make it his personal priority and make a difference vis-a-vis public health in Kolkata. This can be done through a massive postering campaign, securing media support using every corporation employee as a spokesperson against spitting from the safai karmachari to the parking lot attendant and the officers of the KMC.

Markets, street corner tea shops, public vehicles, local trains, bus stops should be saturated with such posters, followed by police action and fine for violators.