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Petitioning HISD School Board

Make space for learning. End over-testing in HISD schools.

 In May 2012, the HISD School Board joined a majority of school districts across Texas in adopting a resolution acknowledging that "an over-reliance on standardized, high stakes testing … is strangling our public schools and undermining any chance that educators have to transform a traditional system of schooling into a broad range of learning experiences that better prepares our students to live successfully and be competitive on a global stage."

Now parents, students, teachers, and community members in Houston are coming together to demand that HISD take concrete steps to stop standardized testing and test prep from displacing real teaching and learning in our schools.

 If you are a Houstonian who believes that high-stakes testing has gone too far, please sign this petition, and tell the HISD School Board why this matters to you.

Letter to
HISD School Board
The over-reliance on high-stakes, standardized testing is strangling efforts to engage students in meaningful learning. We ask you to work to:

1. Ban high-stakes tests in kindergarten.
2. Eliminate the requirement that high school STAAR scores count 15% of a student’s final grade (GPA.)
3. Limit benchmarking (practice tests for STAAR) to no more than 5 hours per semester, per subject.
4. Limit student scores to no more than 20% of a teacher’s evaluation.
5. Redirect spending from high-stakes testing to combat the negative consequences of poverty in low-income schools.