Make Smart Street Reserve Hawthorn accessible for all users

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Dear Fellow Residents,
For a while now, a group of responsible dog owners have been using Smart Street Reserve after 5pm for informal gatherings with their dogs. The get togethers created an opportunity for residents to socialise and for older people who cannot walk to dog parks to exercise their dogs near where they live.  
Residents who participated really valued the opportunity to meet members of the local community, are very proud of the park and make a conscientious effort to pick up rubbish and dog poo.
Most other residents recognize that no one else is using the park at this time and have been happy to see people and their dogs enjoying themselves in the evenings. However, after a single complaint, the council recently cracked down and sent an inspector to warn people not to exercise their dogs off lead in Smart Street Reserve. The inspector was present for several evenings at dusk when there were no other park users present except dog owners. 
The forced cancellation of the informal evening gatherings has greatly upset a lot of residents.
To ensure that everyone can have access to Smart Street Reserve, we have written to the council and asked them to change the signage to allow people to exercise their dogs in the park off lead before 8am and after 5pm (later during daylight savings).
This would minimise the impact on other park users and allow local dog owners to continue to foster the wonderful community spirit that has developed as a result of the evening dog gatherings.
We all pay rates and are all part of the community. It is only fair that all local residents’ voices are heard and the options for use of Smart Street Reserve reflect more than one person’s opinion.

If you feel the same, please sign our petition to change the dog rules for Smart Street Reserve.