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I was bullied all four years of high school and it's happening in every school nation wide. It NEEDS to stop. It affects students, friends, families, and classrooms. Not to mention how it affects grades and self esteem. The rate of suicide by students who are bullied is rising to outrageous numbers. Every student deserves an education free from harassment and bullying. There NEEDS to be real consequences for the people who bully others; the current policies do nothing to solve the problem. Help us get stricter laws against bullying! Sign the petition!

Letter to
Scott Walker
State Rep. John Jagler, WI-037
State Rep. Howard Marklein, WI-051
and 18 others
State Sen. Luther Olsen, WI-014
State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, WI-031
State Sen. Paul Farrow, WI-033
State Sen. Nikiya Harris, WI-006
State Sen. Timothy Cullen, WI-015
State Sen. Richard Gudex, WI-018
State Rep. Don Pridemore, WI-022
State Rep. Stephen Nass, WI-033
State Rep. Steven Kestell, WI-027
The WI State Senate
The WI State House
State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, WI-013
State Sen. Alberta Darling, WI-008
State Sen. Leah Vukmir, WI-005
State Sen. Mark Miller, WI-016
State Rep. Melissa Sargent, WI-048
State Rep. Robb Kahl, WI-047
Tony Evers, State Superintendent of Schools
Kids are bullied year-round in every school nation wide. The current guidelines do not address any kind of cyber-bullying which is happening more and more and quite frankly, schools do nothing to end bullying. It is time to establish STRICT statewide anti-bullying policies in Wisconsin Schools. We need to make Wisconsin schools safe by creating real anti-bullying policies. Every student deserves an education free from harassment and bullying. Please help us make that happen!