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Make School Safe for our Children!

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We need to advocate for our children. Our school system in the  Durham and Kawartha regions are tainted from the very top to the very bottom. We need stop all of the bullying being swept under the rug, We need to stand up against the principles and vice principals who chose to turn the other cheek.

We need to have the school board held accountable for every single incident in every school. There needs to be a presence in the school.

Our Children fear telling on their peers as "they know nothing will be done".

Mental health issues are on a steep incline and not once has anyone stopped to ask "why"? . A child is told " just ignore them", "walk away" or, "that never really happened". This needs to stop!

We need to come together and take a stand on behavioral issues, bulling issues and the unsafe school environment that our children are starting to fear.

People think we are immune to what happened in Florida because we live in Canada , We are NOT it is only a matter of time , we need to gain back control of our schools .

Please sign to help take a stand and let the school boards know that we have had a enough and policies need to be changed!

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