Make Sarelle bars Vegan again - remove the egg yolk powder!

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It's not an exaggeration to say that the dark chocolate Sarelle bars are one of the most popular vegan chocolate bars of all time. 

These creamy, hazelnut wafer bars are like a cross between a vegan Ferrero Rocher and a Kinder Bueno and have been a staple in the vegan junk food diet for many years. 

Today, we learned that the makers of this chocolate bar (Sanset Gida) have inexplicably changed the formula and ADDED EGG YOLK to the ingredients list. 

This is 2018 - manufacturers should be spending time and energy removing unnecessary animal products from food, not adding them in for no reason at all! 

Sign and share this petition and help us challenge Sanset Gida to remove the cruelty from this much loved vegan product and go back to their previous recipe which was absolutely perfect as it was.

Thank you!

TheVeganKind x