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His party made such a huge deal about Obama's birth certificate. He produced it. It is hypocritical that the republicans are okay with Mitt Romney not disclosing his tax returns. Obama did, so did candidates in the past. Fair is fair. We need to show the Romney/Ryan campaign that American's are not blind sheep that can easily be fooled.

Letter to
Republican Candidate for President Mitt Romney
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Mitt Romney.

Dear Mr Romney:

I personally ask that you publicly release a copy of your birth certificate and your tax returns from the past five years for public viewing. Your job as president would be to fulfill the requests of the citizens of the United States so let's get started now. Your opponent has made all of this available to the public, so in fairness, you should too. Not unless you don't believe in being fair. Do you believe in fairness for all Americans?