Make Parliament Adjournment A Crime

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Respected Sir/Madam,

If one imagines an institution which has responsibility of “people’s welfare, law making, law amendment” then s/he will have an image of a completely professional institution running in most effective way, not wasting even an hour. But surprisingly, our Indian parliament is quite opposite. Here are some numbers –

1)      Fifteenth Lok Sabha was adjourned for 891 hours, a whopping 40% of total work hours. Previous Lok Sabha (14th) wasted 20% of work hours.

2)      Rajya sabha (during 15th Loksabha) wasted 11% of work hours; and during 14th Loksabha, Rajya sabha wasted 24% of work hours in adjournment.

With a 2011 estimate, every hour of Lok Sabha costs 25 lakhs, which means in 15th Lok Sabha, Parliament wasted whopping 223 Crores (891 X 25 Lakhs). This is tax payers hard earned money. Apart from money, parliament wasted 40% of precious time, when MPs could have done some productive work, would have passed few legislations, would have discussed how to make country better. Why we shouldn’t call it a crime?

In any private company, if someone disturbs or blocks functioning of the company they get fired. Even for Parliament, what would you do if a normal citizen indulges in an activity which stops the parliament to function. Wouldn’t you punish that person? If yes, then why law is different for law makers? Why should they not get punished? Why should they not get suspended or even expelled? Why should they not get tried as criminal for this heinous crime of stopping a temple of our country from functioning.

Parliament should be used for discussion, arguments, questions, answers, tabling proposals, bringing legislations, voting (for or against) to a proposal or legislation. Parliament should not be adjourned in any circumstances. If MPs see issue with certain minister, they should complain in right way, they can even file a case against the minister. But pls, Parliament should not be stopped from functioning.

Our request is to enact a law, by which whomsoever causes the disturbance in functioning of the parliament should be suspended, expelled or punished based on the intensity of the disturbance. In any case, Parliament should not be adjourned. If few members get ousted, Parliament should work with remaining members but should never get adjourned.


Yours sincerely.