Combatting Rising Sexual Harassment in Pakistan

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Rape cases have grown so rampant recently, yet our government remains idle on the matter. As if that weren't enough, some of the incompetent officers and officials have a victim-blaming mind set which not only deters cases from being reported but also prevents action from being taken.Victim blaming is the worst traumatic blame that can be give to a survivor it can scar them .

Recently a Woman was gang raped and robbed while she was travelling with her Children via Lahore Sialkot Motorway. Due to some technical issue in her car she had to stop when she encountered Two hideous armed Beasts , they on Gunpoint led the woman and her children to a nearby field where they raped that poor innocent soul in front of her helpless children. In another recent incident a 5-6 year old girl named Marwah was kidnapped in Karachi later on she was brutally raped by grown men and then killed and if that wasn’t enough for those loathsome foul dirty animals they also burned the corpse of the poor soul.

Almost 2 years after the Zainab case , On 7 February 2020, the national assembly of Pakistan passed a resolution calling for public hanging of child molesters. Apparently the resolution is non-binding which means the amendments it proposed are not a part of the constitution yet. The sad part is that opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari son of the first female PM of Pakistan opposes it if that’s not enough Science Minister Fawad Chaudhry and Minister of Human Rights Pakistan Shireen Mazari also oppose it since public hangings go against some UN laws. Apparently some international organisations deem death penalties and public hangings for rape as very *strict*punishments and want the judiciary to only announce imprisonment sentences.

In Pakistan only 4% offenders of reported rape cases are punished this is mainly due to delay in medical examination of victims which acts as a substantial proof against the offender in the court of law.

In the last two months over 70 rape cases have been reported in Lahore only , it is high time the government took this issue seriously work needs to be done efficient law making need to be done , our constitution does not even properly categorize different types of abuse against woman, let alone punish them . Strict punishments need to be introduced Public hangings of rapists should be carried out people who say that these are too strict punishments for any human beings let me remind them that their is nothing human about sexually harassing a 5 year old girl or a new born baby even animals don’t act like that we need to take a strict solid firm stance against these perverts and paedophiles , we need to show all these criminals that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan isnt afraid to punish child molesters or any type of sexual harasser because only when theyll think about the consequences of committing this grave sin and when they will have fear , they will think twice before committing any such heinous offence .

Moreover i believe that a more long term solution is required too the problem lies in the mind set of the population we need to normalise sex education. IN Nairobi, Kenya middle schoolers were given consent classes .These classes fought misogyny and patriarchy in the younger generation they taught them to treat each other as equals to respect each other and care for each other.As an impact a significant decrease was seen in reported rape cases in Nairobi they fell down to 51% , and the surprising part is that local locals boys intervened and stopped 71% of those assaults this is the power of education.

Lastly id just like to say that we need are a nation and need to look out for each other and care for each other we need to be more expressive and serious on these matters otherwise these matters will worsen. Pakistan Zindabad.