Combatting Rising Sexual Harassment in Pakistan

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Prime Suspect in Motorway Rape Case Arrested

While creating the petition our sole intention was to spread awareness regarding this very important issue after more than 2 weeks the prime Suspect of the motorway rape incident has been arrested however our cause still stays there , in the past few weeks more rape cases have been reported.Public hangings cant be implemented because its against Eu trade regulations and honestly they wouldnt have made such a great long term impact either .However something that we have even previously laid emphasis on is education because education is the key to all problems it will cure the next generation of inhumane negative ideoligies around them and will teach them how to respect everyone and control their urges , and this can only be acheived by spreading awareness so keep sharing.Thankyou for your support

Ahmad Rauf , Rabia Jahanzeb
2 weeks ago