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Remove the smoking section on Oxford St, Bondi

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Last year, the council took the initiative and made the whole of the Oxford Street mall a smoke free zone, yay! Except the council has been directing smokers to stand only a few meters from the smoke free zone, where the smoke constantly blows into the "Smoke Free Zone".

The smokers congregate en mass right on the corner of Rowe Street and Oxford Street, just outside Dangerfield.

I lodged a complaint in January this year and the council acted the very next day! They installed a cigarette butt bin for the smokers! Now there's even more of them and everybody thinks it's the smoking area!

Needless to say, because I work in the "Smoke Free Zone" making coffee in the markets, on many days, I feel weak, dizzy, I can't smell anything very well and my immune system has been weakened. At least 3 times a day, I ask the smokers to move down the lane a bit, and most of them do, but at least once a week, I get verbally abused by them.

I complain to the council every week, and the market operator has been supporting me all the way, trying to negotiate with the council on removing it. At one stage, there was a plan to remove it but it was blocked by one of the members of the council.

My customers include families and mothers with their babies frequenting the markets often, I wouldn't be surprised if they won't stay long because of the smoke.

The wind gently blows towards the west most of the time, and the location of the smokers bin is towards the east of the markets and the smoke free zone. To me, it's a no brainer.

In addition, the no smoking signs are the same colour as the poles they are bolted to, effectively camouflaging them! They are also at least 3 meters above the ground, way above eye level.

Tell the council that you don't want that smoke to go into our "Smoke free zone", tell them to set a good example for our children, that smoking is NOT healthy and should definitely not be condoned by the Council by placing cigarette butt bins right next to a smoke free zone, without the proper signage, telling people that they are in a smoke free zone. We want the international standard no-smoking signs, white and red, at eye level and we want the council to implement a "buffer zone", of at least 25m from the smoke free zone, so the smoke can rise before reaching our one and only smoke free zone!


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