Make our Via-ducts Clean, Safe and Beautiful- Chicago 60608

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Alderman Patrick Daley Thompson of 11th Ward, Alderman Danny Solis of 25th Ward and Comm. John Tully of Department of street and Sanitation Chicago,   

We the residents of the 60608 zip code would like to support the commerce and businesses adjacent to our neighborhood and in our OWN community with safe passageways through our viaducts. Our viaducts on Halsted, Peoria, Morgan and Racine are flooded, trashed with needles of drug users, riddled with bird feces, poorly lit and pigeons have literally attacked residents. The conditions are deplorable which is not representative of our community and as proud Chicagoans. 

Many residents would like to walk and experience the great businesses and culture of our neighborhood, but fear of walking through the viaducts has restricted them from doing so. As you know, sustainability of any community in a city depends on viable business traffic. Once a person makes the decision to use a car, there is significant opportunity for them to drive elsewhere and this takes money out of OUR community.  Another benefit to walking for residents is it frees up parking for outside patrons that would like to support the restaurants, retail and commerce in our area.  Women, men and children in our neighborhood do not feel safe while walking in the viaducts due to the current conditions stated above. 

We kindly request the following immediate action to be taken:

·         Streets and Sanitation Dept.- Power wash and clean the viaducts on a regular basis and supply trash bins with regular trash pickup.

 ·         Ald. Solis and Ald. Thompson- Provide better lighting, painting and spikes for pigeon control. We would also like our Alderman's to partner with the railroads to come up with permanent solutions for a complete repair of plumbing, structural columns and erosion of facade, which makes for unsafe passage. The poor plumbing causes constant flooding and stagnant water, and the fungus from the pigeon feces that is in constant sight, can also lead to histoplasmosis if left untreated. Most importantly, with the crumbling façade, this is a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

We would like to thank the offices of Ald. Thompson and Ald. Solis for being responsive with immediate power washing and trash pickup in the viaducts when recently requested.