Make Our Streets Beautiful and Green Again

Make Our Streets Beautiful and Green Again

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Neighbours of Bar Lane Industrial Park started this petition to Meadow Lane Services Ltd

Petition to Bar Lane Industrial Park owners

We the residents of Bar Lane, Basford Road, Whitemoor Road, Fearnleigh drive, Haversham Close and Pembridge Close would like to bring your attention to the illegal felling of approximately 70 mature trees around Bar Lane Industrial Park. The impact of which has been devastating on wildlife, the environment, increased noise and pollution and has turned leafy tree lined streets into a depressing eyesore.

This brutal action was taken by the new owner of Bar Lane Industrial Park (BLIP), Meadow Lane Services Ltd who have illegally felled this beautiful and long-established belt of trees. 

What has happened?

  1. There was no tree felling licence in place, which is a legal requirement when felling so many trees; so the owners have broken the law.
  2. This action was taken during the nesting season when birds were breeding and hatching, which is also against the law. We have noticed a significant reduction in the range of wildlife and birds since their natural habitat was destroyed.
  3. We have lost approximately 70 mature, established trees, impacting on the surrounding area and our neighbourhood.
  4. This natural barrier to the unsightly Industrial Park has been illegally removed and created a depressing eyesore which is hugely detrimental to our neighbourhood.
  5. Over 50 houses border the perimeter of the Industrial Park and residents are in shock and upset by this action, which has impacted on their daily lives and wellbeing.
  6. This affects not just immediate neighbours but people who use the area to access schools, local parks, transport and those who use cycle route 6. Many people have commented how awful the area now looks and are dismayed at the destruction of trees and wildlife. 
  7. Increase in Air and Noise pollution – the removal of the trees has meant that the noisy operational site has no natural sound barrier, significantly fewer trees to absorb CO2 and industrial smoke coming out of the chimneys there is much more visible now.
  8. The mature trees were felled during May bank holiday week with no consultation or prior notice to the residents. Had the company acted lawfully and applied for a felling license local people would have been consulted and had an opportunity to speak up for wildlife. 

How can you help?

Please sign our petition and show your support for our following asks of

Meadow Lane Services – We ask that the new owners of Bar Lane Industrial Park replant mature trees around the site perimeter to make good the damage they have caused

Relevant authorities - to use the full extent of their powers, including prosecution if necessary, to ensure the tree re-planting happens and that the area continues to be a nice place to live, work, walk to school and pass through. Relevant authorities include The Forestry Commission and Nottingham City Council.

We are very grateful for your support - Neighbours of Bar Lane Industrial Park

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!