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It is irony to pen this down. We as business owner, are raising the issue of the lack of clear governance and regulations in the pet business industry especially in the area of Pet Daycare and Boarding services. But as a dog lover, pawrents of 4 kids ourselves, it has been a nagging issue that the pet business is zzzz...

As a business owner, we have been advised that the common business process is to come up with a Waiver of Liability forms to protect the business. However, as we were doing our research on how to be a more responsible business owner in all areas, we came across articles and regulations in the USA, Canada and UK that Waiver of Liability is invalid and not allowed at all.

In our research, we found out that the requirements to setup a Pet Daycare, Boarding and Dogwalking business in UK, Canada and USA are more complete and helps to safeguard the interests of our kids, the pawrents and business owners. Compared to Singapore, we are way behind. We have a huge GREY area. Anyone can abuse the flawed system.

Here is my summary research of the perfect regulations/requirements for dog business owners:

1) Pet Business Insurance for Business owners - a MUST. Cover your kids under daycare/boarding business insurance. Well tailored online and easily purchased. eg catered even to dog walkers that walk your kid 1 hr a day. Even cover off leashed dogs at a premium.

2) Professional license to handle the number of dogs for one dogwalker (a huge tag where everyone can easily verify a dogwalker license tag) And what is the correct ratio per walker:dogs dear government? 

3) Boarding license for residential and commercial. This is huge problem in Singapore. Many freelancers have this issue. The GREY area. Easily exploited. The best place the government recommend is a shophouse. All sealed up with bacteria floating around. Commercial = $$ Home = affordable. Who will pay a high price of $100-$200 per night for commercial boarding hotel and still not safe??

4) First Aid certification, dog behaviourist course, daycare course etc required in these countries.

5) Dog walkers' police clean record so that dog walkers can enter owners' house to pickup and return kids with house keys, passwords, camera etc for assurance.

6) Others - GPS trackers, dog walking tracker, dog seat belt etc.

The big question is WHERE ARE WE NOW?

We contacted the agents for pet business insurance. No one get back to me. GOVERNMENT PLEASE HELP!
We were told by the government officers that the dog business industry is regulated. BS. We don't even have a pet business insurance (public liability) to cover the kids and pawrents! A typical coverage of let's say Canada insurance costs $700+ per year. CAD 1=SGD 1. Reasonable. However in SG, we do have plenty of waiver of liabilities forms though.
(correct me if we are wrong. Please share with us or any dog owners if you know any pet business insurance in sg)

Freelancers operate out of homes. ILLEGAL though. Can u imagine receiving a call from your boarder while you are on holiday telling u the AVS is going to take your kid to their centre because.... However the kids deserve a warm home for boarding. NOT a concentration camp like the URA recommended. NOT a cage. Not where there are no one to snuggle in. Therefore we need a RESIDENTIAL HOME BOARDING LICENSE. 

TBH we don't even need premises to house the kids if dog owners and dog walkers can put their trust on each other to access premises which is common in other countries (for daycare). I mean with everything goes cashless and CCTV, this can work right?

With the current system, the kids are so vulnerable. So do the pawrents. When things go wrong which is quite common, the vet bills are not cheap. That why the pet business insurance is very important for every dog walkers and daycare owners as well as the kids and pawrents because it is just words against words when shit happens. 

We hope to bring everyone together to launch, OUR KIDS' LIVES MATTER where we can ask our government to STEP UP their regulations FAST to protect our kids, our pawrents and lastly our businesses, bringing our dog industry to the next level.



Please note BnP is currently taking a break from this shitty loopholes. Easy to exploit but nah. What's the point? All we want is happy times with kids. Not stress and looking over shoulders because the government is busy looking at other important matters than this! With proper regulations, all players can apply properly and everyone will be safe. 



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