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Enforce the law against artificial ripening of fruits using poisonous substances in Kenya.

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Like most of my compatriots, I am a regular fresh fruit consumer in Kenya. Recently the media has been abuzz with articles about illegal artificial ripening of fruits using poisonous substances. There is a clear and present danger of exposure to carcinogens when handling or consuming fruits laced with these artificial ripening agents. As a cancer patient, I was aghast this morning when I chanced upon a letter from the public health department (Ref: MOH/EHS/FOOD/VOL II (189) to its junior staff admonishing them to take appropriate measures against this practice. Considering that the Department has in the past written a similar letter concerning the use of cancer causing CALCIUM CARBIDE, and considering that the same problem appears to be prevalent, one can only arrive at the conclusion that there is serious laxity on the part of authorities concerned in enforcing the legal provisions of the Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Cap 254. The onus rests upon the Mininstrt of Health whose mandate reads:  "the protection and assurance of the consumer and general public is paramount to the Ministry of Health. This petition primarily seeks not just the enforcement of the relevant law but also the due execution of the Ministry's mandate. 

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