Make one million human life in Meghalaya and Assam (India) count

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Fate of minorities in Democratic India, particularly in North-East states of Meghalaya and Assam is not tolerable. 

Life of minorities in Meghalaya and Assam has deteriorated beyond imagination. To be specific, people living in Barpeta, Bongaigaon, Kokrajhar, Goalpara, Dhubri and West Garo Hills districts, so called lower-Assam and Meghalaya's plain belt, are systematically denied their basic human rights and needs. They have been deprived by their own government. The elected representatives are either incompetent or have no voice in their legislative assembly or in parliament.  Once they are elected, they live in sophisticated locality like Dispur, Shillong or New Delhi, forgetting who sent them there at the first place. Government officials too, such as Deputy Commissioners, Block Development Officers, District Magistrates also spends their tenure in bungalows provided by government and drive latest model of comfortable cars, who are ignorant of the pain of the people they supposed to serve. Of course there are few leaders and officers who care for the people but unfortunately they have not done enough.

Basic needs like roads, train lines, medical facilities, school systems, electricity, clean drinking water are nearly non-existent in these districts. Elderly people suffers from no medical care. Young students do not have proper school system. Simply to say, some schools are there on paper or with a torn down building with no place to sit or no competent teacher. Darkness bites almost every household as soon as it's dusk, because their government haven't provided electricity. Kids and elderly people fall sick easily due to lack of no safe drinking water-supply and medical facility. Pregnant mothers and handicaps are at the mercy of God. For emergencies, they have to travel more than 250 kilometers to reach a good medical facility in cities like Guwahati. Simply to say, their government has not done enough to serve the citizen.

More than 100 kilometer roads and bridges on the path of about 10 lakh people living in Meghalaya and Assam had never been worst in 70 years of India's history of independence. Life of nearly 10 lakh honest and hard working people has been paralyzed. Roads that connect their villages with other cities and towns are in terrible shape. Most tar roads have turned into mud and stone roads in last couple of years. Bridges are broken with no repairs done for years. Simply to say mobility of these people has come to a complete or nearly halt. It's heart-broken to see there is no guardian, care taker or leader for these people. Every elected candidate comes with a roster of promises at the time of election cycle in every 5 years. As soon as they are elected, only a few look back to their constituency and people living there.

These unfortunate people are living around border of Assam and Meghalaya. The road connects from Goalpara to Mankachar via Tikrikilla, Phulbari, Rajabala, and Hat Singimari is in its worst condition in the history of India's independence. This is the western part of Meghalaya's West Garo Hills district bordering Assam, and Assam's so called lower-Assam nearing border of Meghalaya, West Bengal and Bangladesh. People living in these region are mostly minorities in both states of Meghalaya and Assam.

Some of the elected leaders and representative in these region are:


MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly):

  • Dr. Motiur Rohman Mondal, Mankachar Constituency, Assam
  • Wazed Ali Choudhury, South Salmara, Assam
  • Najrul Hoque, Dhubri Constituency, Assam
  • Rajdeep Goala, Lakhipur Constituency, Assam
  • Sahab Uddin Ahmed, Jaleshar Constituency, Assam
  • Jimmy D Sangma, Tikrikilla Constituency, Meghalaya
  • Esmatur Mominin (Rahibul), Phulbari Constituency, Meghalaya
  • Dr. Azad Zaman, Rajabala Constituency, Meghalaya
  • Clement Marak, Selsella Constituency, Meghalaya
  • Benedic R Marak, Raksamgre Constituency, Meghalaya

MP (Member of Parliament):

  • Conrad Kongkal Sangma, Tura Constituency, Meghalaya
  • Badruddin Ajmal, Dhubri Constituency, Assam

If one of these elected leaders represents you and your locality, then please sign this petition, to tell him or her that the roads and bridges in your area need immediate attention. These roads and bridges are not safe for you, your parents, your children and all people you care for.

My humble request to all those leaders mentioned above to have a close look at these people you represent. Ask this question yourself - have their life improved under your leadership? Do they have equal or at least similar lifestyle with other part of India, for example people living in Maharashtra, Telengana, Karnataka or Tamil Nadu. Most likely you do not live in these area after you have been elected by these people. Some of you live in Shillong, Dispur or New Delhi. What about these honest, hard working voters and tax payers. They do not have road, hospital, good school system, electricity, water supply and sanitary system. You have neglected people who believed in your leadership and trusted you casting their precious votes for you. It's time for action not empty promises.

Petitioner: Amirul Sheikh (Selsella Constituency, Meghalaya)

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