Make normal draft mode avaliable again in all regions! - League of Legends

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Riot said they had to remove it because of "very low participation", because people didn't want to wait so much. Currently, we don't have statistics about matches in different queues, but I was reading many many comments about this, and most of them said people loved Normal Draft mode, and they used Blind just for having fun, not for real playing.

We can agree in that this game's most important part is Ranked. You want a good rank, a shiny badge on your profile, the special frame and of course, the Victorius skin. To get better and better in Ranked, you have to exercise much. Very much. To be good on a lane, or with a champion, you must play with it many many times against real players (custom or sandbox mode isn't really enough). And in Blind pick, you can't really get the lane and champion you want. An 8 year old Yasuo main will always take mid, not caring with anyone in the team. So the perfect solution is Normal Draft pick, where you can choose your position just like in Ranked games. Okay, you have to wait more, but I think it's still better than having a bad and boring game. I know in higher ranks you must wait more, but hey! That's what Blind is for!

For NA/EUW/BR players: Riot said "In an ideal world, we’d like to retire normal draft in all regions". This means Riot would like to remove Normal Draft mode from your servers too, but a little bit later, so you should sign this petition too! 

To sum up, I hope we can get Draft mode back, it's a very important part of the game.


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