Make Montclair's Antioch Court a Safe Destination and Vibrant Cultural Venue

Make Montclair's Antioch Court a Safe Destination and Vibrant Cultural Venue

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Montclair Village Oakland started this petition to Oakland City Council

Oakland's Montclair Village Association is asking the City of Oakland to help fix Antioch Court!

Now it's time to ask Oakland City Council, Mayor Schaaf, and the Oakland Department of Transportation, to repair the dilapidated streets, massive potholes, drainage issues, and broken sidewalks on this structurally challenged section of urban infrastructure in downtown Montclair.

Successful funding will create a safe pathway for crossing, biking, driving, and walking with an expanded pedestrian plaza. The pedestrian plaza will be a unique attraction for arts and cultural events, alfresco dining, and placemaking, bringing together all of Oakland on the streets of Montclair Village for public festivities.

Montclair Village needs this project to be on the City of Oakland 2019-2020 City Budget, coming up for ratification in June. Funds from the City will go directly to ensuring the successful build of the new streetscape with a completion goal date of early/mid 2020. Over $200,000 of private funds will be invested in the project from Oakland and Montclair residents, local businesses, and corporate sponsors.

The project is currently shovel ready! In 2011 the Montclair Village Association successfully launched the first campaign to rebuild Antioch Court and address these pedestrian, bicycle, and transportation safety issues.  After raising an initial $100,000 to complete the first phase of construction planning, the project is ready to be implemented.

Montclair Village Association is asking Mayor Schaaf and the Oakland City Council to budget and approve funding of $700,000 to help with the following safety initiatives impacting Montclair's Antioch Court:

  • Ameliorate a dangerously sharp blind turn from Mountain Blvd. onto Antioch Court and calm traffic
  • Beautify and repair Antioch Court’s crumbling walkways rife with tripping hazards
  • Repair deep gauging pothole trenches and unlevel roads for pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • Increase bike safety on the city bike route with better access to bike racks
  • Improve street crossing for seniors, youth, and all mobilities
  • Create a pedestrian plaza to serve as a dynamic community and cultural junction benefiting all of Oakland and drawing visitors from across the East Bay to shop and support small and independent business

Upon completion, Montclair Village will celebrate the new Antioch Court with lively community event showcases featuring programming for all ages, public art, cultural activities, culinary expos, safety fairs, and community gatherings.

Now, more than ever, we need the support of Oakland City Council, Mayor Schaaf Council, and Oakland Department of Transportation to help with this significant urban planning initiative to make Oakland’s Montclair Village a vibrant destination to live, work, gather, play and eat!

Help us with this placemaking initiative to make Oakland a better place.  Sign this petition and pass it on.

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The first phase of fundraising and planning in 2011 was successfully implemented with the support of community members that purchased bricks to help rebuild the sidewalks and streets, including Daniel Swafford -Montclair Village Association's Executive Director, former MVA Executive Director - Roger Vickery, Montclair Neighborhood Council (MNC) board member and architect - Jim Clardy, MNC past chair - Carolyn Winters, Urban Designs Architects, and City of Oakland Department of Transportation Assistant Director - Wlad Wlassowsky.

Thank you to everyone that has donated their time and resources to support the small business community and dynamic downtown in Montclair.  Let’s see this beautification project to completion.

Please sign, share; help repair Montclair! 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!