Make Maesglas One Way

Make Maesglas One Way

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Why this petition matters

Started by Peter Hammond

Over a number of years the volume of traffic in and around the residential estate of Maesglas has increased tenfold because many households now have more than one car or vehicle.

The infrastructure of the estate was not designed to accommodate so many cars and most roads within the estate have cars parked on both sides.  This leads to many problems such as:

  • Traffic congestion - it is impossible to get into or out of the estate quickly and efficiently.
  • Risk of accidents and injury to children and pedestrians - due to parked cars and speeding cars and bikes.
  • Damage to parked vehicles due to the lack of space.

I believe that implementing a one way system will help to resolve many of these problems and will help to improve the quality of life for the residents on Maesglas.

A simple one way system could easily be set up by the council using signage and this would remove so much stress and frustration that many of us suffer on a daily basis.

Then following the implementation of a one way system the addition of traffic calming measures, like they have in most other residential areas of Newport, will help to keep our children safe.


111 have signed. Let’s get to 200!