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Make Lil Peep's CryBaby Album A REAL THING

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I think we all who go in this topic know who was Lil Peep. We cried, we smiled, and just loved his music. All his fans have one thing in common, every single one loved who was Gustav. Because He shined with his own light and put that powerful feeling into his music, which songs had went deep inside of everyone's heart, I guess that's why we supported him that much and for that long.

After of all this I want to make an idea and I think if we all cooperate we can do it. Why we don't put out in a physical format a CryBaby album? I think that was one of his best music works. Now he's having a god damn attention so.. It can't be failure on sells. Fans deserve. The memory of him deserves. Not just clothes and other things, he was musician not a clothes company so let's all get his album and listen to it. We can change the world as He wanted.

Also all the benefits can be given for Gustavs mother, or to make a solidarity projects. I think we can change the world for better meanwhile We spread out Peep's music. 

Support my request and make it happen!

I trust on all of you, all you little stars with a reason.



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