Make Lemonade Stands Legal for Kids in Colorado

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After a whirlwind summer that began when my three little boys' neighborhood charity lemonade stand was shut down by police and we were told we needed multiple permits, we have since taken a stand! 

I recently met with a Colorado State Senator who has agreed to work on 2019 legislation, "Legalize Lemonade Stands and Other Businesses Run by Kids." I spoke at Denver City Council's Public Forum, and they too are working on changing the laws for Denver. New York has announced they will make updates. We can do this, one city and state at a time! 

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Recent National Media:

CBS This Morning July 24, 2018

The Wall Street Journal July 23, 2018

Fox and Friends July 24, 2018

In 2017, Austin Texas and the state of Utah signed laws to make occasional childhood lemonade stands safe and legal for our kids. Our kids deserve this protection in Colorado too, and across the country!

Utah Lemonade Stand Law Passes

Austin Texas 2017- City Council Law Change- Kids Lemonade Stands Now Legal 

A childhood lemonade stand is symbolic of many of the values that this country was founded upon, including valuable lessons of entrepreneurship and charity. We want to encourage the future leaders of our nation. Did you have to worry about permit laws during your childhood lemonade stands? I know that thought never occurred to me, until we learned the hard way.

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