Make Lemonade Stands Legal for Kids

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Sign the petition to take a stand for kids lemonade stands to make them legal for our children in Denver! Kids can sign too! 

Denver City Council is looking into making lemonade stands legal for our kids! Show your support by signing this petition! I, LemonadeStandMama, will be presenting this during the next Denver City Council Public Forum. Let's create a safer environment for our kids to be kids! And join the cause at

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Did you know that kids lemonade stands in Denver are illegal? My family learned this the hard way when my three little boys' neighborhood charity lemonade stand was shut down by police over Memorial Day when somebody complained about us and we were told that we needed multiple permits. 

Denver Vending Permit Rules

Denver Post Article

In 2017, Austin Texas and the state of Utah signed laws to make occasional childhood lemonade stands safe and legal for our kids. Our kids deserve this protection in Denver too!

Utah Lemonade Stand Law Passes

Austin Texas 2017- City Council Law Change- Kids Lemonade Stands Now Legal

Even the New York Times recently took a Stand for Lemonade!

July 2018 NYTimes Lemonade Article

A childhood lemonade stand is symbolic of many of the values that this country was founded upon, including valuable lessons of entrepreneurship and charity. We want to encourage the future leaders of our nation. Did you have to worry about permit laws during your childhood lemonade stands? I know that thought never occurred to me, until we learned the hard way.

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