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Make Kapiti a plastic bag free District

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I would love to see Kapiti lead by example and place an outright ban on plastic bags being provided by retailers. We all know that they are terrible for the environment and it's time the people of Kapiti and their retailers worked together to make a positive change once and for all. 

It is a reality that while plastic bags are still offered, people will rely on them and use them. 

It is a reality that some retailers fear that if they are the only ones to remove plastic bags completely that they will loose business to their competitors. 

It is also a reality that if they were no longer available in-store that people will adapt and find more environmentally sustainable alternatives. 

I believe that this is 100% achievable! We are an amazing and unique collection of communities who have the ability to make this change to help protect our environment. 

I propose Kapiti set a deadline for the use of plastic bags in the NEAR future. 

An education and media campaign would take place leading up to the date so that people are aware of the impending change. 

Each rate paying house would be provided with at least one Kapiti branded reusable shopping bag. This could be subsidised by our biggest little local retailers in return for advertising space. 

During the first month (or few months) of the change supermarkets and other major retailers would provide reusable bags for free or at cost (no they don't really cost that much and retailers will save money in the long term) for shoppers who have forgotten their bags. Most people would surely pay a small amount for a reusable bag or another environmentally sound alternative?

i just feel so passionate about the positive impact this simple change would make to the environment. Let's show NZ that going plastic free is nothing to be scared of and it can be achieved with a bit of planning and support!




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