Make Johnson's official title 'Disgraced Former PM'

Make Johnson's official title 'Disgraced Former PM'

2 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mike Morrison

There are bizarrely still many people who adore Boris Johnson and are devastated at his overdue dismissal from his former role. Perhaps it was the constant smirk, or inability to avoid making clunky jokes whenever possible that attracted them to him, which made them willing to overlook his myriad weaknesses and inability to govern.

Most voters at this stage, however, are glad to see the back of him, for many reasons including:

  • pathological disregard for the truth
  • disinterest in detail, focus and hard work
  • contempt for rules, order and stability
  • replacing proper reasoned debate with petulant soundbites and witless catchphrases
  • higher Covid death rate than almost all similar countries 
  • being the main cheerleader for Europhobia, creating a flimsy platform for a Brexit based on empty jingoism and xenophobia rather than anything of real substance
  • lack of proper planning, reacting instead to feedback from favoured media
  • creating a toxic atmosphere of mistrust in government and indeed MPs of all parties
  • promotion of cronyism and corruption as the basis of our national government
  • utter lack of shame, and the degradation of the UK's reputation internationally

I propose that from now on, wherever possible he is referred to officially as 'The Disgraced Former PM Boris Johnson' to emphasise just how atrocious he was in his short-lived job, in an attempt to prevent anyone so unsuitable getting even close to such a position of power in future.

It's undoubtedly an incredibly hard job, but Johnson was someone who was patently unfit for it and should return to writing glib and facetious articles for the ever-shrinking Telegraph readership.

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Signatures: 114Next Goal: 200
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