Decision Maker Response

Maneka Gandhi’s response

Feb 22, 2017 — Dear People,
I am in receipt of a petition on initiated by Subarna Ghosh from Mumbai. She brings to my notice that lakhs of people are concerned about an important issue related to maternal health - the alarming rise of Caesarean deliveries in the country in recent years.

The petition raises some serious questions and shows that C-section surgeries in our hospitals are almost becoming a scam. I am writing to the Ministry of Health to urgently look into this matter.

This issue has a direct linkage not only with the cost of health care but with the health of women per se. Obviously doctors on the ground are playing with the health of prospective mothers and their new born children.

The Health Ministry under Shri Nadda ji has just recently taken up a commendable initiative of reducing the cost of stents. I am requesting them to take up this matter also, on priority.

Many approaches are required to tackle this problem. One of them clearly is to mandate hospitals and nursing homes publicly display the number of c-section deliveries vis-a-vis normal deliveries.

In collaboration with the Health Ministry, the WCD Ministry plans to undertake a large outreach campaign with the Medical community as well as prospective mothers.

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Thank you,

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
Union Minister for Women and Child Development