Make it law for companies that produce packaging to be charged for clean up costs.

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Helen Flynn
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From our pavements, to our roadside verges, from our green spaces, to our waterways litter and waste are everywhere; running like an ugly scar across the face of our country. Cans, bottles, wrappers, fast food packaging, we can't move for the stuff. Sadly, litter has become part of our landscape to the point where it has almost blended in to it.

The introduction of fast food has been a huge contributor to the shocking and relentless rise in litter levels.

Our wildlife are getting trapped, injured and killed by litter.

By forcing the companies that produce packaging that then ends up as litter on our streets to pay towards the clean up costs, it will hopefully make them think more about how they can reduce and do away with much of it and how they can do more to influence the behaviour of their customers. 

Many of the companies that produce takeaway packaging are not contributing anything towards the clean up costs when it ends up as litter, and as these costs continue to rise we are all paying the price in other ways.

Using data capture company’s producing the packaging that litters our country, including cigarette manufacturers, can and should be asked to contribute towards clean up costs. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition. If you are sick of the sight of litter and all the damage it is doing, I hope that you will sign and share it.