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Make India a Developed Country

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Action Plan for making India a Developed Country

- Interstate Highways, State HWY, Express way, Speed Rail 

- Vertical & Horizontal Interstate Highways (See Map), supplemented by State Highways & Expressways connecting two cities.

- Speed Rail complementing Highway Network

- Interstate Highways network should be from Westmost to Eastmost Points and Northmost to Southmost Points of India.


a) No Highway should run through the city. It should connect to city via multiple Service Road connections to enter the city at various point.

b) There should be wide space between highway lanes of opposite directions. This space should have Lawn and Trees.

c) There should be Lawn and Trees on both sides of the Highway.

d) All Street Signs/Exit/Direction Sign Boards should be standardised across India.

2) Air: 

Plan to cleanup Nationwide air pollution

Pollution of cities must be tackled by the government on war footing. It’s so bad that on weather app by The Weather Channel it shows the air in Mumbai and at least 15-20 Indian cities as “Very unhealthy air quality”.

Measures to be taken:

1. Take all polluting (Non-compliant with emissions norm) vehicles off the road immediately.

2. Strictly ensure factories (including small scale) don’t emit/release pollutants in Air/Water etc. it should be handed over to non-polluting disposal. Implement a system for this nation-wide.

3. Introduce public transport in modern vehicles like Tata NANO/Mahindra e2o replacing Rikshaw. Let Banks work out special packages for this.

4. Release gases which will clear current dust/smoke/haze in Indian cities.

5. Create more green patches (Lawn) to maximum possible extent. Do redeveloping of building in groups of buildings so a green area can be planned in every community. Plant more trees on sides of roads. Spaces between two directions of Road/Highway should have Lawns. No land should be exposed, it should always have green lawn. Use sprinklers to water trees instead of Water Tankers.

Remember our target is sky should look SKY BLUE and in night all stars should be visible in cities sky.

Implement every measure with Military level Strictness.

3) Water

a) Plan nationwide restoration of every water resource - Rivers, lakes, streams, waterfalls etc.

b) River Rejuvenation (with Art of Living Guidance) - Government should deploy thousands of labourers for this work - advantage a) Poor labourers in villages get money which helps economy. b) Rejuvenation work can be completed say within a year.

c) Implement Garbage Cleaning system (Garbage Bag Collection) nationwide so no garbage is thrown in open spaces/ Roads/Rivers/Nullhas. Install Barrels for Garbage collection with Plastic Bags inside in Public Places/Roads so general public can throw Garbage into them. These barrels should also have a Circular Downward Projection with Sand in it so Smokers can put cigarette buts. 

Target: The flowing/still water in any water resource should be crystal clear.

List down every measure required for crystal clear water and implement with military level strictness.

4) Food

Set the standards of Growing/Producing selected variety of Food Grains, Fruits/ Vegetables and Food Products and implement across nation with strict adherence so every single person gets at least some minimum quality food.

Educate and Train farmers to grow such selected variety of Food grains, Fruits, Vegetables and pulses.

Promote co-operative farming so Large Plot farming is done.

5) Shelter

Spread development across nation de-congesting cities.

Bring down prices so homes are affordable to everyone.

Technologies used should be with highest quality but cheap and easy to maintain.

Set the standards and bring standardisation in products used.

6) Healthcare

Make a Nationwide Standard Healthcare quality plan.

Make highest quality healthcare available with affordability across nation to everyone.

7) Education

Same Education Standard to every one.

Public Libraries should be available every 3-5 Sq. Km., providing books on every topic and also by Authors across the world.

Make free 7-10 books to be rented by every family per week with low late fee.

8) Heritage

Restore all the places with Heritage in the best Manner an no encroachments.

Reserve and protect National Parks, Reserved Forests.

9) Environment

Make a plan to add green belts and add them to cities also.

Set same standard for Greens in every residential Area.

Make a central park in every city.

If park is converted from Residential area, provide houses for people affected in one area of the park and make rest of the Park green.

NOTE: India will need to take help of G7 nations (US,UK,Germany, France,Japan, Russia & China), so we have all support and it will also help their economies. So its a Win-Win Situation.

Parag Rane.