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Make Independent TSP area District in Thane, as per PESA & 5th Schedule of Constitution


Maharashtra State Government had announced bifurcation of Thane District (Largest District in Country & Largest Tribal Population District of Maharashtra). We request Consider PESA and 5th schedule of Constitution of India while proceeding for Bifurcation. In interest of protecting tribal communities and real tribal development by ensuring to preserve Nature and natural resources. Independent District of TSP area will definitely Add value for tribal empowerment, instead of just for political benefits of few politicians. 

Due to Rapid urbanization Tribals communities are facing big challenges of

  1. Tribal Land & resources : Has been grabbed illegal
  2. Educational Quality : Poor Infrastructure & Low competitiveness, Lack of identification of Tribal culture, history, Rituals & traditional knowledge
  3. Employment & Career Opportunities : Local Tribals are not getting opportunities in employments & business establishments
  4. Leadership, representation : Lack of political/Administrative/Social Leadership of Local Tribal Communities
  5. Low Infrastructural Development : Poor Infrastructure, Almost projects are based on grabbing Natural resources
  6. Risk of Destroying Nature : Natural Resources, Land, Water, Jungle has been destroyed continuously in the name of Development
  7. Cultural Identity : Risk of loosing cultural identity, Cultural values
  8. Traditional Knowledge of Tribal Communities : Language, Medicine, Plants, Technology, Art, Handicraft, Dance, Tradition
  9. Sustainability of Tribals : Tribals are being made dependent at every stage
  10. Administration/Governance/Politics : Lack of Tribal empowerment Mechanism


To Preserve Nature, Natural resources & Tribal Communities Independent District of TSP area will really constructive step towards building our Nation.

This petition was delivered to:
  • RajBhavan Maharashtra
    The Governor of Maharashtra
  • Government of Maharashtra
    Tribal Minister, Cabinet Minister (Government of Maharashtra)
  • Government of Maharashtra
    Tribal Research & Training Institute, Pune
  • Tribal Development Department, Government of Maharashtra
  • Tribal Developement Department, Government of Maharashtra
    Principal Secretary
  • Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India
    Secretary (Tribal Affairs)
  • Tribal Department, Government of Maharashtra
    Joint Secretary (Tribal Department, Government of Maharashtra)
  • Government of Maharashtra
    Collector of Thane
  • Tribal Developement Department, Government of Maharashtra
  • The President’s Secretariat
    Secretary to the President
  • The President’s Secretariat
    The President of India
  • Konkan Division, Maharashtra Government
    The Divisional Commissioner
  • Government of Maharashtra
    Tribal Minister, State Minister (Government of Maharashtra)

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