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Corrupt police officers are lying through their teeth and causing higher insurance premiums for unsuspecting victims all over America.  It is simply the right thing to do to sign this petition when a police officer lies against you- the officer should take a lie detector test. I have experienced police misconduct here in New Jersey for driving on a closed road- an unmarked road that I never even drove on.  Please sign my peition to tell Hillsborough Police Chief Paul A. Kaminsky that no one should be subject to this misconduct. With one click, let it be known that you stand for good- for everyone. Google!  If you are reading this we need Google Earth pictures of that date from 9:20-10:20pm.



Letter to
Hillsborough Police Chief Paul A. Kaminsky
Mayor of Hillsborough NJ Carl Suraci
It is simply the right thing to do to sign this petition if you think that when a police officer lies against a civilian or person, he/she should take a lie detector test. Skip the details and sign this petition- it is the right thing to do.

At 10pm on a Sunday last July driving on a very dark Rte 206 South, through Hillsborough NJ. Four other motorists and myself arrived at the tail end of a road closure- the accident scene had been removed. Officer Pedro Rodriguez continued to wave us motorists away from Rte 206. Unfortunately there was no detour sign where we had to turn off. Suddenly, we saw what appeared to be 2 roads. Confused, we followed the leading car. I found out that the asphalt road I was travelling on was actually the gas station’s enclosed property that led behind it back to the front, which was paved with concrete as is usual for gas stations. There were two additional entrances, both on the Rte 206 South side.

I parked behind the cones at the third entrance, turned my hazard lights on and waited to speak with the officer. Officer Rodrigues later moved the cones, then shouted at me, “Hay!” and motioned with his hand(s) for me to get onto Rte 206 South. I asked for assistance to get on the right road. He ignored me and asked me for my license and registration instead.

I was about the 5th car now on Rte 206 South, but the only one I know of that was forced onto Rte 206 South was me- wearing my traditional African blouse, and driving a nice SUV. We were made to wait approximately 40 minutes. Later, he handed me a ticket for obeying his order to get onto Rte 206 South, or as he put it, disobeying his order (being confused as to which road to take).
I wrote a letter of complaint to the Hillsborough NJ police chief: Paul A. Kaminsky.

Once in municipal court presided by Judge John F. Richardson, Officer Rodriguez later lied under oath about the fact that I was parked in the gas station with my hazard lights on, that he forced me onto Rte 206 South; that he made me and others wait so long on that road that eventually his captain saw us there and asked for tickets to be issued; that I drove down Rte 206 South. Further, the officer testified that we were the only group of cars that were confused. In fact more cars after me came piling into the gas station, and some had stopped on the side of the road. This prompted additional police officers to be dispatched onto the scene to assist. Under oath, Officer Rodriguez said there was no police video of the incident. His false testimonies were relied upon again by Somerset County Superior Court judge Her Honerable Anne R. Bartlett.

NOTE: Hillsborough prosecutor Frank A. Blandino snarled at me when I asked for the ticket to be dismissed, and when I hired a lawyer she was almost reduced to tears- she said to me: “I am used to being extended professional courtesy.”

My testimony has never been heard.

What happened was a violation of public trust by an officer sworn to protect and serve. This is a clear case of POLICE ABUSE OF POWER and needs to stop! We don’t expect the police to have the mindset of Jared Lee Loughner without the gun, but with an equally devastating weapon- the power to coerce an American citizen or person into submission against her/his will. He raped me of my rights and now I am afraid to trust a police officer. Please help restore this broken faith and trust.

Please do the right thing. My family in the UK is wondering about how Blacks are treated here in America. Not a very nice place to vacation? Anyone who does nothing to support my petition pretty much condones the police officers action.

Iris Turner

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