Make High-Speed Internet Available In Painted Hills!

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High speed internet is steadily becoming a necessity in this day and age but it is still unavailable in our area!


Painted Hills, a quiet ranch community nestled in the middle of a wind farm at the Eastern section of White Water, CA, bordered by HWY 62 & I-10. While satellite internet is available to this area, everyone who has it knows that it is not enough to keep up with data speed & capacity demands of today's devices and the growing size of digital files and programs in all forms.


Up until a few years ago, dial-up internet was the only choice for internet in the Painted Hills area. Satellite internet providers like were the first to offer their services - for double or even triple the cost of high speed internet providers (and impose ridiculous limits on data for their basic plans like 10gb a month!), and the speed of satellite data transmissions is insufficient for streaming (no Netflix, Hulu, online console gaming, etc.). While satellite internet may be adequate for a single person who rarely uses a computer or internet-ready device it is not a realistic choice for a single-family home.


There are many families and a small number of business in the Painted Hills area that are suffering greatly due to the unavailability of proper high speed internet. High speed internet providers have told residents of that they have no plans expand their high speed networks into Painted Hills and Whitewater anytime soon, that it is a lofty goal at best in the next 10 years, and may never expand into this city since there may not be enough profit in the act. Residents are callously urged to leave their homes and seek residence in another city if they wish to have high speed internet, yet new fiber optic cables have been run underground to newly constructed houses only a mile or two North of the Painted Hills area.


Surely it can't be that expensive for at least one of these companies to bring it just a little bit further? Help our families and business flourish as our culture further roots itself in the digital age!