NC - Pass Laws: That Would Make it A Felony for Either Counsel or Prosecution to HIDE Evidence

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Sex offender laws are destroying the families and I would like to see justice done so that the courts can effectively prosecute or set people free. The sex offender can not find work or In my case the Falsely Accused and Convicted Sex Offender.  The accusers on the other hand have absolutely nothing to lose by filing false charges. I would further say that these charges have alot to do with custody cases, however, that is not always the case. Just because a jury convicts does not mean the person is really guilty. The document that is attached to this is a page from the Motion for Appropriate Relief to show there was a confession and my own attorney hid it from the court. See Photo in Petition. You will see concrete proof that I am innocenc. Look at and sign, spread the word on all of my petitions under the petitions tab. Feel free to comment on my blogs. It is and I want my name cleared.

In my case, the Stephen Orringer case, I was falsely accused and convicted of Indecent Liberties with a Minor, and the State used the Intimidation of a State's Witness to effectively cover up the confession with the help of my counsel. My counsel hid the information (confession) from the judge and jury. There needs to be a way I can prove my innocence. With the information on my website, it shows the dhild confessed that the crimew did not even happened. So why should I have to take the blame for something I did not do and be punished for the rest of my life. I can show the court it did not happen. All you have to do is read the Victim Impact and Confession tabs on my website above and you will see that it never happened and if the jury heard this evidence, I most likely would not have been convicted.

Please lawmakers, pass a law, so I can go back to court and prove my innocence. Come to find out in 2014, that my lawyer pled me guilty to a charge without my consent. See my site for the craziest case you have ever seen in your life. We need Stephen's Law passed.

Please sign my petitions and know that you are taking a stand against wrongful convictions and wish to see my convictions overturned. Thank you.


Most sincerely,

Stephen Orringer


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