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Make Henry Smith MP Support Equal Marriage

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Henry Smith is against Equal Marriage, which is a huge shame. Let's help him to change his mind and show that the 300 people who've contacted him to oppose Equal Civil Marriage are a small-minded minority and that those in favour didn't contact him because they consider equality to be a no-brainer. A poll earlier in the year suggested that 72% of Brits support Equal Marriage, so in a town like Crawley of approximately 100,000 there will be roughly 72,000 people who are in favour, let's see how many we can get to sign and show Henry that CRAWLEY BELIEVES IN EQUALITY!

In this week's front-page article for the Crawley Observer Henry Smith MP "said only two or three Crawley constituents had written to him in support of a change to the law while more than 300 had expressed deep concerns over the prospect."*

As his basis is representing the views of his constituency, then it's up to the people of Crawley to show him that the town is by and large filled with people who believe in human rights, equality and acceptance of difference. Loving relationships between people regardless of gender and religious affiliations should be celebrated. That he is basing his vote on the views of "Some people [who] profoundly disagree with homosexual relationships."* is wrong, we need to be more, not less accepting and happy with the fact that people find others to love and want to celebrate and cement it as they see fit. We should all should have the same rights and freedoms and LGBTQ people should be able to marry without being made to feel they are doing something wrong. The "deep concerns" and "upset and stress" that might be caused to a few who really need not concern themselves with the love-lives of others, are small fry compared with the deep happiness and benefits we'll receive as a society that is accepting of all it's citizens' consensual and loving adult relationships.

This is not a religious issue, the change in law would be concerning Civil Marriage. 

*See Crawley Observer article here:

********We've had a response to the petition from Mr. Henry Smith MP******

"Dear Petitioners


Thank you for taking the time to make me aware of constituents’ support for the Government’s proposals to introduce same sex marriage.


I fully support civil partnerships which confer exactly the same rights in law for same sex couples as married couples. 


I am a civil libertarian who believes people should be free to live in the way they want. With rights, I believe, comes a responsibility as well to tolerate other views and respect difference. Given that civil partnerships confer the same rights in law as marriage my concern is, as many people have expressed to me, that redefining the term 'marriage' does not appreciate others sincerely held beliefs about what constitutes marriage to them.


Yours faithfully


Henry Smith MP

Crawley Constituency


It's a real shame that Mr Smith lays a great deal of importance on the negative aspects of making the term marriage more inclusive but fails to see the enormous positives. This is about making sure everyone can get legally married, it only threatens those who essentially have a very fragile and narrow idea of what legal marriage is. This doesn't affect the various faiths' definitions of marriage in any way. To suggest that those of us who believe in equality and people who are LGBTQ need to understand and tolerate difference is an interesting bit of advice coming from someone who is essentially endorsing discrimination based on sexual difference. Ah well, he's entitled to his opinion, wonder if further support and messages might help him re-evaluate his position? No harm in finding out eh?

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